Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bible and changes - it happens!

Here's is a thing I've realized:  We Christians have looked at so many issues that are mentioned in the Bible and we have changed:  left-handedness, long hair on women (uncut), use of psychologists, birth control, and even specific "no-nos" such as eating shrimp, going places on Sunday (besides church) and "yes-yesses" like stoning our rebellious sons!  We don't DO those things!  Nor do we have slaves, and slaves in the Bible are a "given".  So, since I can understand that being gay is something someone does NOT choose, and because we have to figure out how all of us have to live with integrity, following God if we choose to, then we have to look at the Bible as changeable.  God doesn't change, but how we look at the Bible does. 


Birdie said...

We are all "selective" Christians, so anyone who accuses me of such gets a resounding affirmation. We choose those aspects which are consistent with our understanding of the nature of God. (Stoning adulterers and condemning people who are gay do not align with the love of the God I know.) Thus rather than try to jam the world into a Bible-shaped box (which changes with cultural transformation anyway), we can use Scripture as a structural foundation upon which to build. We bring the Bible into the world instead of the world into the Bible.

Doorman-Priest said...

When you have this conversation with people they either go into denial or they do special pleading: their cause is an exception. Wasn't it Dr. Laura who got the rough end of taking Biblical (therefore inerrant) passages to their logical conclusion In the now famous Dear Dr. Laura letter?