Friday, October 22, 2010

Deep thoughts from a shallow mind: It Gets Better

Deep thoughts from a shallow mind: It Gets Better

My good friend, Tim, posted this today. While I don't want to appear self-serving, he and Cindy were the first of the very few of my friends who are willing to be openly supportive of GLBT people. More are appearing, but the Morris family have been my dear and wonderful friends. Their actions are what speak to me and to others, and I'm so proud of all their efforts.

Emily, especially, has led at her school to stand up for the questioning and gay kids, as well as band together the allies who are affirming. She is only 15, but she amazes me and makes me proud. She is one that is helping to make things better.

Tim, Cindy, and Emily - I'm so happy that you are my friends, making each day better. love to you all!


Tim Morris said...

Thank you for your kind words. We love you too!

Anonymous said...

You speak for so many who understand the hurts of the gay community. Our son is gay - we love him. He feels judged and condemned no matter what we do and show as Christians. I pray that his view will change once he hears the positive voice of Christian gays and those that have been on the journey with them. It has to be said that we as parents were fed the untruths about homosexuality and what we 'should' believe. I am so grateful to God that he has shown us that his love is full of Grace and we as Christians must show His love for ALL. The damage that is done to gays and their families is never acknowledged in churches.

Carol said...

Thank you so much for posting here. Once the light goes on and we see others without seeing the "gay part" first, we as the families and friends of people who are gay, and we stand up for them, there's hope that others will understand and join us. It seems to be a slow movement, but it is happening faster and faster as more are honest and supportive. The love you are sharing with your son is priceless! Keep loving and keep speaking up for others. Thank you for your input.

FDeF said...

I appreciate your blog and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Do you realize that the "American Morality Survey" an anti-gay organization is using your blog through "Ads by Google" to promote their hate filled agenda? Just one reason why I don't go with Ads on my own blog.