Friday, March 18, 2011

Slipper mornings.

I have this non-routine routine when I'm off work, like today.  I get up at the normal time (crack of pre-dawn) and try to sleep late.  Thinking of the dog and how he needs to go out, I finally rouse myself and head downstairs.  I think of my dad and how I should go over early to visit him, but first I'll just check my e-mail, facebook, blog comments (if there are any), etc.  It is more like me (so I say) to get dressed first, but since the dog needs to go out, I stay in my jammies.  I think, "I won't put on slippers, so that will make me go back upstairs because my feet will be cold if I get on the computer too long..."

So, here I sit.  It's been over 90 minutes, and yes, my feet are FREEZING.  But the dog got out.  I have yet to see my dad (next door) and I've sent out an e-mail to organize meals for a family with a new baby.  I've written short replies to e-mails (nothing of much substance) and I'm getting ready to meet a dear friend, Kassie, and her partner, Joni, for lunch at the Indian restaurant, Sitara (of Muncie).

I say this is not routine, but I do it when I don't go to work.  I better learn to just put on my slippers. 


Shel said...

We ARE creatures of habit, aren't we?

Ms. Emmy L. (Simplicity Evermore) said...

I'm really sorry about your husband. Mr. Boltz, did what he thought was right, but even that doesn't make it any less hard on the receiving end. Here is something that I've found helps me through the hard times, and boosts my self-esteem when I'm depressed. I do hope it brightens your slipper mornings.

This is a blog I read a lot. It's a women's self-help blog, written by a protestant, pro-female, grandfatherly old man and co-written by his wife. I find that a lot of his advice works.

Incidentally, Have you ever heard of the God-Need? (and I don't mean the need for Salvation.)There is an emotional need in every human being; a certain something that we can't live without. (e.g. belief in our character, a need for respect, unconditional love) It's a need that's so great, that a person MUST have it in endless supply, and, therefore, only something God can meet. This need is what keeps us going back to God for more of Himself.

God Bless,
Ms. L.