Friday, March 18, 2011

Slipper mornings.

I have this non-routine routine when I'm off work, like today.  I get up at the normal time (crack of pre-dawn) and try to sleep late.  Thinking of the dog and how he needs to go out, I finally rouse myself and head downstairs.  I think of my dad and how I should go over early to visit him, but first I'll just check my e-mail, facebook, blog comments (if there are any), etc.  It is more like me (so I say) to get dressed first, but since the dog needs to go out, I stay in my jammies.  I think, "I won't put on slippers, so that will make me go back upstairs because my feet will be cold if I get on the computer too long..."

So, here I sit.  It's been over 90 minutes, and yes, my feet are FREEZING.  But the dog got out.  I have yet to see my dad (next door) and I've sent out an e-mail to organize meals for a family with a new baby.  I've written short replies to e-mails (nothing of much substance) and I'm getting ready to meet a dear friend, Kassie, and her partner, Joni, for lunch at the Indian restaurant, Sitara (of Muncie).

I say this is not routine, but I do it when I don't go to work.  I better learn to just put on my slippers.