Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day, WZPL 99.5 style


On Friday, my daughter, Sara, surprised me by reading an essay she entered on "My mom's the bomb," a WZPL 99.5 radio show.  The "trick" to get me down there was a "breakfast for the entrants."  Since I listen to the show, I had a feeling it was a little more than that.

My "baby daughter, Sara" had written a beautiful entry - for me.  What can I say to brag about her?  If I do it too loudly, it sounds like I'm tooting my own horn - Which the Smiley show was doing at 7:30 as we drove in traffic to get there.  She did make me cry, and laugh.  Good essay, Sara!  I just wish I'd have thought to take a photo with Dave Smiley, KJ, Toni, and Producer Will. 

Although we didn't get the trip to New York City, I did receive these beautiful flowers, a DONUT (you'll see it in my hand) and a very generous gift card to Biaggi's!  It was a great time with Sara, and perhaps we spread a good word for straight spouses and GLBTs at the same time. 


Lee Elder said...

Good to see you posting again. Glad you are well.

The JeremIster said...

Hey Carol. So, I just read this post. It's been a while since I've been here. I looked, but could locate it. Is there somewhere online where the essay is posted? I'd love to read it.

Anonymous said...

aren't you tired of defending a man who lied to you and your children and hurt you?

Carol said...

Anonymous, 8/21/14, 1:28

You asked: "aren't you tired of defending a man who lied to you and your children and hurt you?"

1) You have not read our story, nor do you know our lives. If you did, you would know that Ray fully believed he would be changed by his faith. He was a good husband and father.

2) God, in whom we believed, knew Ray's heart. God knew mine. Still, in God's hard-to-understand knowledge and plan-I-don't-undertand, put us together. If I'm angry, I hold that toward God, not Ray, because Ray did his best to change. Since sexual orientation does NOT change through prayer or behavior therapy, I am not angry with Ray. I know God can handle that I'm still angry about this.

3) Ray remains my best friend, and I wouldn't throw him under the bus, ever.

4) You have a lot of nerve to assume you know more about my life than me.

Anonymous said...

It is well with you carol. Not long that I got to know Ray..... Only love the song 'allegiance' and would not easily believe the writer later disclose the fact he's a gay. Since then God has been helping me to intercede for him. Carol I would love that you don't waver and I surely believe your four kids will raze you

John & Lexi Adventures said...

It’s good to not be mad at your husband Ray, and that you’ve forgiven him and moved on...

But to be mad at God isn’t right either. Why would you think God would cause that? Regardless what “we think” we are or not, we all have a CHOICE to be faithful to our spouses, to love them, to be loyal. I won’t debate if being gay is a genetic thing, but honoring God’s word should always be something we do! Divorce isn’t a result if God’s choice - it’s a result of our choice. I wouldn’t blame God for that.