Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nathan Marshall sings, "The Anchor Holds," on American Idol

I have a confession: I'm a junkie for American Idol.

Tonight was the first night for the contestants to be singing in Hollywood, and I was thrilled to hear a young man sing, "The Anchor Holds," and he added, "...it's a song by Ray Boltz."

I was glued to the TV, and wish this young man a tremendous amount of good luck (and prayers!) To listen to the clip, go here: Scroll down on that page and listen for Nathan Marshall!

Go Nathan!

*hat tip to Liz!


Rob said...

I'm a Idol junkie too, when I heard that, I thought about Ray. It's great to see his music is still touching people.

deb said...

How exciting!!! :)

Sherryl said...

Yes, I saw the guy sing "The Anchor Holds" too! Last night he prayed with his group....cool

TeamCraiova said...

Yes, that was exciting. I hope Ray liked it. He prayed with his group last night!

Laurie Lunsford/ Entrepreneuse said...

I listened to it. It was touching and I loved the responses of the judges. I think they caught the emotion of it all. Nathan sure did.