Tuesday, February 24, 2009

too nice to say what I feel (like kickin' some a**) and way off my usual topic

"Boy, am I ever glad I slept on that post I wrote late last night." - That is what I thought when I woke up today. In addition, when you google "boy am I glad I didn't post that," I just found approximately 12,700,000 other entries that match that sentiment, so I know I'm not alone. It wasn't a bad post, and I stayed up way too late writing it, but in the greater scheme of things, it wasn't that good. There are probably those who write effectively when they are slightly offended, but it isn't me. There are even pages and pages of results that will help us all have better e-mail and blogging etiquette to avoid pissing off friends and readers! I have had more rational ideas and written expressions, and I feel better that I DIDN'T put it on the blog.

What happened is that I got one of those [dumb] forwards - the kind that I question and don't see any reason for. I get them from friends, and I wonder, "What the heck does this person think?" And I wonder if such a friend is really thinking at all. It wasn't even on a topic that personally affects or offends me - it just seemed to be ignorant and ... dumb.

But I don't want to go off (again) - I don't want to have a bad attitude. It makes more sense to write the post, spend LOTS of time on it, and then NOT post it. I think I would have probably come across badly, and I have more self-respect (and I'm too proud?) to risk sounding stupid!

I do want to pass along that this site is a great resource to check out rumors and forwarded e-mails: www.snopes.com It is recommended that one submit ALL stories that you don't know first-hand, and especially those that can't be easily searched and verified through a legitimate news source. Beyond that, know that blogs are basically editorials, and they are relate the opinions of the writer (like ME!) and they aren't news. We casual or newbie bloggers (and I include myself) get news and write about those stories, while others with more experience and journalistic connections are truly professional. (On this blog I try to write about issues, but those that I know about or feel about firsthand. If I get outside those lines that I draw, I really feel lost.)

One more thing: Just because you read it on the internet doesn't make it true. And just because it was sent to you by a friend DEFINITELY does not make it dependable.

And more than that: Don't send me stupid forwards. Thanks.

Note: Forwards are okay. Stupid ones are undersirable.


David Alex Nahmod said...

I think I know what you mean:
I know people who send every bad joke they see to their entire email list.
I know someone else
who loves to bombard people with useless information: he sent me a rather long essay he found online called the "eating habits of vegans in North Africa."

Do people really think I or anyone has the time or cares to read nonsense like that?

Rob said...

I get those sort of emails from time to time, and I often reply with the facts. Snopes is a good site.

"A lie can travel half way around the world, before the truth even gets started."

deb said...

This was after you slept on it? ;) lol

I know what you mean. :)

Carol said...

Deb - Yup :) This is the mild version.