Thursday, December 10, 2009

Warm greetings for Christmas

Winter has come to Indiana! After fairly mild temps for all of November and up until now, the thermometer is in the teens, and with wind factored, it is way, way cold. Brrr...! A friend said to me yesterday that he could NEVER get into Christmas in Florida. Let me tell you, I have tried it in years past, and as long as family is there, it's really, really Christmas, no matter where you are.

Meanwhile, in spite of the cold weather, I've felt my heart warmed with greetings and conversations with supportive new friends. In the past days I have had a boatload to kindnesses shown to me. It shows me that there ARE supportive people in my world, and I am getting to know more of them as time goes by. Sometimes it feels that to be gay-affirming is like swimming upstream, but that is just because I might be in the wrong stream! REALLY, there are changes occurring, and as I'm more open, others are able to speak up. Here are a few of the most recent ones...

A co-worker of mine (and new friend) approached me, and even though she had written to me months ago, her friendliness and support felt so warm and good in person. She later wrote this in an e-mail:
Thank you for taking the time to talk yesterday - the good thing about our situations in some ways is that we know who our friends are...and we have a chance to make new ones.

A pastor from North Carolina wrote, having just found out "the news" that Ray's gay. Having enjoyed Ray's music in past years, he had to catch up with the current situation, and he came to this blog. Being loving and complimentary, he sees what our family has gone through. I appreciate this man's insight and the pastoral comfort he shared.

Another e-mail came from a "straight middle age couple who grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition", who now are involved with, "Holy Spirit, a progressive Episcopal church that reaches the gay & lesbian community," - and they find this very meaningful. He said, "Thank you...for loving God and listening to the nudges of the Holy Spirit, no matter how difficult."

Not only are these messages welcome, but they make me feel good! I so appreciate it that there are readers out there for whom this little blog helps THEM. I continue to be hopeful that change is coming, even one at a time. I know it's true, because others tell me so.

And during this upcoming family time, for Christmas, let's keep hoping for loving change. We all want to be ones who love even the straight ones, don't we? If there's someone in your family who's shown you grace and love, let them know how much it helps you.


Sebastian said...

Such a loving, peaceful posting. Where strife abounds, let us bring peace. Where anger rages, let us bring quiet. Where hurt clouds judgment, let us bring hope. May God bless you for being so open in sharing your struggles, your pain, and your joy. You are His instrument for healing for many. In this season of Advent, may you expect all good things, and find them fulfilled in the coming of the Savior.

PamBG said...

Count me as one of those individuals who this blog helps and who admires your courage.

Anonymous said...
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deb said...

Carol, Thanks for sharing your love, your courage and your good heart. You bring encouragement, hope and healing to many people.