Monday, December 21, 2009

Jemma Thomas - her support of Gareth

Another reader sent me a related link tonight concerning Jemma Thomas. She is the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Gareth Thomas. Gareth Thomas has just come out as gay, and the article here details the support and love that Jemma has shown. I commend her totally, and hope you will read all of the article.

Strikingly positive, Jemma shows immense love and understanding, and I stand with her in this very public time. Here's my favorite quote from the article:
'He will always love me, but he cannot turn himself into a heterosexual. If he could, I would still be married to him. We will always be the best of friends and I couldn't feel prouder of him than I do now.'

Read more:

What a beautiful woman, inside and out. Bless you, Jemma!

(hat tip to Mark! Thanks for the link.)


Auntie Doris said...

I read this article and my two thoughts were, what an amazing man, and what an equally amazing woman. I was then equally surprised that this was featured in the Daily Mail!!!

Scott C said...

Thanks for sharing this, Carol! I'm glad mixed orientation marriages (& break-ups) are getting another piece of positive public attention. I grieve for both of them, but I also rejoice.

I find it especially saddening that unfaithfulness was a part of Gareth & Jemma's coming apart. Reading this article, it seems like this was the most fundamental reason for their marriage ending:

"'I had always trusted Gareth 100 per cent and knew that I would never be able to trust him again. Every time he went out, I'd be thinking "Where is he going?" or "Who is he seeing?" and it would destroy our love for each other."

I'm glad this isn't part of our story. Although if it was, our friends & family would probably struggle less to understand why we are coming apart!

My gay wife and I are separating on a six month trial -- I'm moving to my own place in exactly one week. It feels wrong and right, like a grievous wound and a step forward into hope and life for us both, at the same time.

Keep praying for us.

Carol said...

Scott - It's a difficult move you are making. Yes, I will remember you in thoughts and prayers. love, Carol

Tim said...

Carol, I just found your blog through a comment on Joe.My.God. and I'm very glad to find it. I appreciate your bravely forging your way upstream when so many are weak and go with the flow. Keep up the good work. You're much appreciated.

Kate said...

I wish I still loved my gay ex. But he behaved so badly that it nearly destroyed me emotionally. He ended up HIV+ from his risky behavior and then fought me through the divorce. He lied to his psychologist quite convincingly and got him to testify at the divorce trial that I was just being vindictive because my feelings were hurt. However, all the evidence I had of his blatant adultery (he was having sex on a regular basis with a man the whole time he was contesting our divorce) countermanded his lies and the psych ended up looking like a fool. I felt for him because he was duped just like me.

Hopefully young men and women today won't have to hide their true sexual orientation and marry in hopes of suppressing it. I admire the way you and Ray have handled your lives. I just wish my husband had the integrity to behave like Ray instead of like a selfish child. It's hurt me and our kids, and now depending on whether he takes care of himself after his diagnosis, he may have deprived them of their father way too early. They've been very supportive of his coming out as have I, but his infidelity was entirely another matter.

Thanks for sharing this article. I hadn't heard anything about it.