Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy days of June

Hi friends and readers! I have not had time to write lately, even though I have some entries that desperately need to be edited before I post them. There is interesting stuff all around in the news:

1) Ted Haggard is starting a new church. I just hope he welcomes gay people who are out and honest. If he and Gayle are happy with their lives, great. While I don't believe that he's been made into a straight man, I can accept his spiritual gifts as a leader. I do object when he refers to others who are "out" as sinful, and these honest ones shouldn't be oppressed or criticized.

2) "Don't ask, Don't tell" was passed by the House on May 27. This will soon allow gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly in the Armed Forces, and will provide opportunities for ALL. A couple of years ago I talked with a young girl who had been "outed" by others in her unit, and was discharged because she was lesbian. In all other regards this young girl was full of merit, but her career was terminated, her future was changed because she dated another female.

3) I got a new job! I'm now a gift shop manager! Although I started about 6 weeks ago, working outside and for someone else is a new challenge, and I'm busy, busy, busy. Even though it is part-time, I still have lots of work here at home that keeps me busy, and I sometimes don't get it all done.

4) Daughter Liz and her baby were just here to visit! They live out of state, and were here for a family gathering that we call the "Brammer Family get-together." It's become an annual event, always at my house each June. I took advantage in the past week to hold my wonderful grandkids, and it was great. See the picture here? Now, I bet you'd hold babies rather than blog if it were you, don't you think?

I hope to still have time to keep blogging, because I have some personal stories that others have shared with me.

Sharing my own story on this blog has been a great experience for me. Not only have I put it in black and white, I've gone through emotions and sorted out some of my thoughts along the way. As I have done this, I have gained encouragement, support and new friends. Thank you! Because of that, and how others' personal stories have been so important to my growth, I want to be able to share more of these.

Meantime, have patience as I adjust to my new schedule. I have a ton of work to do, and still only 24 hours in a day (like everyone else). :) Have a good week!


Shel said...

Someone recently mentioned the Haggards to me and asked if I'd consider taking my husband back. I had to laugh. My husband misbehaved SO badly that gay or straight, I want no part of him anymore. And then I went on to tell this person that in my honest opinion Gayle Haggard was only fooling herself because everyone else knows her husband is gay, has always been gay and always will be gay. If she wants to stay with him, that's great. But I honestly believe she's doing it for money or out of some sense of misplaced pride. God bless her because she's going to need it.

What a beautiful grandbaby! Aren't grandchildren wonderful? I love being a grandmother.

Congrats on the new job. I will probably have to find a job soon. After 37 years of a career as a wife and mother it's going to be a huge change for me. I have no profession to fall back on and even though I have a college degree, it's 37 years old and one that's useless without a master's degree to go along with it. I should just probably start practicing "Do you want fries with that?"

Carol said...

Shel - I agree w/you 100% on why Gayle H. is staying, although I have not read her book. She has HUGE stakes in staying (name of her book is "Why I stayed") besides she thinks she has faith to deal w/the issue (I'm presuming). Faith has nothing to do w/changing the gay part, only w/how it gets you through.

About a job, you'd be surprised. My degree is spec. ed., and I didn't want to go back to school for Masters. It got me "credit" toward higher pay just by showing my diploma, plus using the experience I've had. Don't sell yourself short!

deb said...

Shel, You could also go back to school. There are a number of jobs in healthcare that require from 3 months to two years of additional schooling. If you don't want to do that, I agree with Carol that your previous degree + years of life experience = maturity, work ethic, and valuable skills.

Shel said...

I wouldn't mind 3 to 6 months of schooling but nothing more than that. What sorts of healthcare jobs are you talking about? I know that with all us aging Boomers out there, healthcare is the place to be.

deb said...


It probably depends on the schools in your area. Check with the local technical schools and community colleges.

You could do a nurse aide program in less than 6 weeks. That would be a foot in the door, or you might then be able to get jobs as a sitter with an agency.

You can complete a phlebotomy program in less than three months. You can complete a unit secretary program in several months (more or less depending on how many hours you are in class each week). EKG tech is a job that is not difficult as long as you are able to walk. Medical records and medical transcription and pharmacy technician are a few other job types. There are also jobs transporting patients, serving meals to patients, and doing housekeeping. It all depends on your interests, experience and training.

There are many types of jobs at hospitals. Check the employment page at your local hospital to see which jobs are posted. Also, talk with the instructors for health care jobs at your local school.

If you're interested in nursing, x-rays or ultrasound, those will take a little longer. If you are fluent in another language, you might get a job as an interpreter. Also, some hospitals hire sitters without them needing their nurse aide certification. Those are a few ideas.

It's hard to find a job these days, so be sure to make contacts at the hospitals and schools in your area. And, talk with HR at the hospitals and nursing homes. And, just be sure to find the people who have the answers you need. It could also help to meet people who already work in an area that might interest you. They can tell you things about the work environment that you may not learn in school.

There are no guarantees, but I believe that everything we learn helps us in some way and prepares us for the next thing. Try to have an open mind and learn everything you can.

jvzdutch said...

Oh, my word, Carol! Liz looks so much like you. I'm sure you both hear that all the time (I get constant comparisons between me and my mother), but I love family resemblance.