Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day, WZPL 99.5 style


On Friday, my daughter, Sara, surprised me by reading an essay she entered on "My mom's the bomb," a WZPL 99.5 radio show.  The "trick" to get me down there was a "breakfast for the entrants."  Since I listen to the show, I had a feeling it was a little more than that.

My "baby daughter, Sara" had written a beautiful entry - for me.  What can I say to brag about her?  If I do it too loudly, it sounds like I'm tooting my own horn - Which the Smiley show was doing at 7:30 as we drove in traffic to get there.  She did make me cry, and laugh.  Good essay, Sara!  I just wish I'd have thought to take a photo with Dave Smiley, KJ, Toni, and Producer Will. 

Although we didn't get the trip to New York City, I did receive these beautiful flowers, a DONUT (you'll see it in my hand) and a very generous gift card to Biaggi's!  It was a great time with Sara, and perhaps we spread a good word for straight spouses and GLBTs at the same time.