Friday, May 21, 2010

Gay Bill Offends Souder's "Moral Views" | News |

Gay Bill Offends Souder's "Moral Views" | News |

Being from Indiana, I have to express my offense at Mr. Mark Souder's recent revelatory behavior. In addition, as recently as last November, Souder declared that as a Christian, he objected to the bill to benefit Domestic Partners.

How is it that "Christians" like Souder cannot see how abhorrent his discrimination is, as well as his self-righteous attitude, thinking he's being persecuted if he spouts that selfsame discriminatory speech. I just don't get it.

Now we have found out that he's doin' the nasty with someone other than his wife. Well, it doesn't fly. At least he's ashamed enough to step down from his legislative position, so that he can stop being such a hypocrite.


Shel said...

People like Souder just frost my cookies. Christian my foot!

Doorman-Priest said...

"As a Christian, he objected to the bill to benefit Domestic Partners."

What makes him right?

As a Christian I support them.

I tire of the "as a Christian" routine as if that statement allows for no alternative perspective. It is the refuge of someone on very shaky ground.

A Scott said...

You know here is another example of someone who said how moral they are and have Christian values, now he has resigned because he got caught with his pants down. He is offended by gays because of his moral views but he can cheat on his wife.....moral views I think not! A. Scott Ft. Wayne Indiana