Friday, August 12, 2011

Phillip Hinkle, Wayne Co., IN representative

Representative Phillip Hinkle from Wayne County, Indiana, has just been "outed" in the Indianapolis Star, when he contacted a young man for sex. 

The article carries communication reports that involve Hinkle's wife, and I'm so sad for her.  If she is finding this information for the first time, it will be devastating to her life, her family, and her emotions.  I'm so sorry for her.

When will people live truthfully?  Why do gay men continue to hurt their wives in this way?  And for Hinkle to contact and pay for sex?...Well, there is no excuse for a married man to behave like this.  And to make it all worse, this state representative has voted to deny rights of marriage for gay people, while he secretly took advantage of HIS needs.

I don't want to hear that this guy is straight and has "strayed."  No, he's gay, he's married to a woman, he's voted against glbt people's rights, and he's hurt everyone involved.  


Maggie said...

Hinkle had no choice about being gay. He did, however, have a choice about being a whore. I was in the same position -- married to a gay man who met men online and had sexual encounters too numerous to count. It devastated me, but I'm picking up the pieces and moving on. My ex knew I was very GLBT supportive yet chose to never come out to me. I found out by accident when he left his email open and then asked me to work on his computer. Sadly, he still blames me for the divorce. But I refuse to shoulder any blame or guilt.

Thank you for being such a positive voice for the GLBT community and for straight wives.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! i agree with you on your saying why do gay men continue to hurt...I dont understand why a person cant just be truthful to themselves. Society teaches it is wrong to be gay so that is the only reason why i could think a person would hide it and try to live another life. I never have understood the problem with a person being gay. Im straight and yet i have never been threatend nor have I felt uncomfortable being around a gay person. In fact some of the closes friends I have had were gay. Society needs to let go of the stereotypes and allow a person's sexual preference be their own and not everybody else's business...maybe then it will stop the heartache and devistation caused when they "come out"! It is not our place to judge our fellow man, it is God's place to judge. We are nothing more than the light to be let out as witnesses to God's love and to share that with our fellow man...NOT judge them nor RIDICULE them! sorry if I may have offended any one!

Lloyd Peacock said...

Carol, sadly I must blame the church for a lot of these closeted gay men sneaking around on their wives. As I know you are aware, it takes courage for someone who is married to tell their spouse they gay. However their sexual appetite for members of their own sex has a powerful influence on decision making. Often without regard for people they love. It is very destructive, but will continue until GLBT people are accepted by society. I pray for that day to arrive soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite understanding your viewpoints & my older sister had a civil union w/ her partner. But I still was taught & raised to believe that homosexuality was wrong. God loves all people though. All the talk about sexual preferences & just talk & shows on TV about sex period is ridiculous to me--there is more to life then it! I'm a 44 yr old widow of 8 yrs now & I see young girls trying to "SHOCK" us older ones by acting out in public. TOO much attention has been drawn to this subject thru the years.

Davidfan said...

This is unfortunately a common story: a closeted gay person discriminates against other gays out of self-hatred, shame, or what he or she is most afraid of about him/herself. It is always very sad to see this happen.

"Sir" said...

I generally find that being honest is the best strategy in the end but social pressure and the need to conform are major hurdles.