Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - and the White House Egg Roll is Inclusive!

Happy Easter to all - and my ham is baking, it smells delicious, and I have family coming for dinner. There are some eggs that the Easter Bunny needs help to hide outside since it's a beautiful spring day, and I have had time to upload some photos to facebook. All at the same time, I saw this video:

And I'm thinking, "What is this woman thinking?" She says, "A child is a child, and they should get to enjoy that event. But please, do not show preferences. It's just not fair." From the editing and narration, it seems like she agrees that every child should be able to attend and have a good time - but then she makes it like a backhanded "allowance," saying there's preference - and doesn't like it. It isn't FAIR? I came close to cussing - but I'm biting my tongue.

At least I have a blog to say this: A family is a family, and they should enjoy THIS event. Enough of discrimination of families who have same-sex parents. In the past we used to bar divorced women or black families, and I'm sure there are a myriad of types that were dis-included from all types of public participation. Let's make up for it by INCLUDING ALL FAMILIES with children who get to be part of a fun event - The White House Egg Roll!

I have read that it was in 2006 that gay families first made their presence known, by waiting for tickets, in line with a lot of other folks. They refused to be backed into the darkness and showed their faces and their families by wearing rainbow leis. This year, the Obama administration included gay families in the distribution of tickets - and this was the big change that the woman in the video opposed.

Yay for a President who sees the importance of making the Easter Egg Roll at the White House a truly inclusive family affair! Yay for the staff who are carrying out the wishes of a socially progressive president.

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Anonymous said...

yay indeed! Thanks for posting this. I know that my friend Allyson was there with her wife and their four children. It must have been amazing!