Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update from Texas

I'm in New Braunfels, Texas, this week, where there is a heat wave with temperatures in, as they say on the radio, "triple digits." Then they say, "at least there's a breeze." So you take the bad with the good, right? But gosh, it is HOT! This whole town is built on recreation in and around Schlitterbahn Water Park, and the two rivers, the Comal and the Guadalupe, where folks come to cool in the spring-fed water, float along in tubes, and generally escape HEAT.

My dear sister, Donna, lives here, and she's been a great support to me since my husband came out to me. Being over 1000 miles apart, it's great when I get to see her and spend some time, other than to have a wedding to throw, a new baby to take care of, or other busy family event that takes our time. This trip, I've introduced her to several friends from Soulforce, we attended Austin Metropolitan Community Church on Sunday, and made a trip to the Alamo. I also got to spend time with my niece and her family, take a dip in the neighborhood pool, and have lunch today with my nephew in Houston. It's an enjoyable time - even though outside it's terribly uncomfortable outside.

Now to the reason that I am down here in June, in Texas. Just down the road in Austin, is the main office of Soulforce, and I have accepted an appointment to serve on the Board of Directors. We had two days of meetings last weekend as I joined the other members, Jeff Lutes, Chuck Phelan, Bill Carpenter, Mel White, Gary Nixon, Karen Ball, Julie Nemecek, Enzi Tanner, Phil Reitan, and Paul Egertson. I hope I'm up to the task, and that I can offer meaningful support to this organization that I support and believe in so much.

Update: Here's my bio on the Soulforce site! http://www.soulforce.org/article/1542


hillsideslide said...

Soulforce and you... what a good fit.

Can't wait to see what unfolds from here.


deb said...

Carol Boltz + Soulforce = Excellent Match! :)

mojojules said...

wow, congrats!

I'll be praying for you. :)

Many blessings!


diane said...

carol I am SOOO proud of you and excited for the future you have with SOULFORCE. I want to become a $ supporter in your name. Let me know how to do that. I love you girl. Missing you for the Denver Pridefest parade. God Bless You, diane

Mark said...

That's so exciting! My +1 and I were in New Braunfels in March for a wedding -- a lovely lesbian couple we know from GCN joined their lives together. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast just off the river and it was really nice.

Thanks for serving with Soulforce. I wish I'd thought to get you involved at GCN first :)