Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome mail from Heartland Men's Chorus

Sometimes when I go to the Post Office to pick up the mail, I don't know what to expect. When a hand-written note is sent, it does seem that to be more sensitive and thoughtful than the quickly-posted e-mail to a vague receiver. However, when I get a PACKAGE, I never know what I'm in for. Is it an angry customer who wants back their money, claiming they were deceived? Is it going to be a handful of prayer letters from a church, sent anonymously by way of the former friend/employee who shared a "need" after I confided in her and told her specifically this was NOT public information, and she shared with them my personal address? Or will it be a demo CD, which I have no way to connect to the recording industry (because they don't call)? All these are real possibilities, and I share them just to let you know how my life can surprise me!

Thankfully, yesterday when I went to the Post Office, the package I got was a very pleasant surprise. It was a DVD from Heartland Men's Chorus of Kansas City, Missouri! The title of the project is, "All God's Children," a documentary described in the accompanying letter as one "in which we explored the role of religion in the lives of gay people." That letter was from Cliff Schiappa, Development Director.

What a great project - which I put in and watched immediately (well, in the same day :) ). I was so happy to see that Rev. Mel White was an integral part of this effort. One of the first comments he made was about how, "one day they'll understand," as he referred to the churches and people of faith who so frequently assume that gay men and women are sick and sinful. I was not only touched by the songs, but by the men's stories.

Thanks, Cliff. Thanks, Heartland Men's Chorus. Your voices are being heard, and I'm glad you sent me, via Ray, your project. I promise I will forward it to him - and he can be as pleasantly surprised at the mail box as I was.

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KC MO Garden Guy said...

Wow! As a member of the HMC I am touched by your words. I'm so greatful to be a part of an "outreach" organization that makes such a difference and that
touches so many lives. Thanks so much for the kind words! Happy holidays everyone! Scott A Smith ..Kansas City Missouri.