Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Luke, of the Amazing Race

Here was something I didn't know: Luke, of this season's Amazing Race, is gay. Here is the interview I just found, on a site I only just found: (hat tip to Emily DeClercq's facebook post) I was staying up late Sunday night to find out the results, and was really hoping the winners would be Kisha and Jen, who barely missed the final 3 because one sister had to stop to use the toilet.

Reading the interview, there's a question about when Luke came out as gay to his mom, Margie. What a wonderful mother to respond like she did. Here is what she said:

Margie: Luke told me when he was nineteen and he was a freshman in college. He told me in a text message from school, because that's how we communicate, through text or relay, and I said, "Okay. Thank you for telling me. Why did you wait so long?" He was surprised and said, "What?"

Luke: No, no, no, Mom. I wanted to make sure I was actually gay. There was a time in my life that I was a little bit confused. I felt kind of both ways about it, but I wanted to make sure before I said anything to you that I was gay.
Margie: Yeah, well, Luke sends me this text message and says, "I have something really important to tell you, and I don't want to hurt your feelings and I don't want you to be mad, but I'm gay." And I was like, "Thank you for telling me." And he was like, "You're not mad?" And I just said, "Why would I be mad? I've known your whole life." [laughs]
It doesn't change who Luke is. He's my son. He's a wonderful person. If he likes a man or likes a woman, that doesn't make any difference to me. I just want him to be happy. I called his sister when he told me, and said, "Hey, Luke finally came out." And she said, "Oh, it's about time." [laughs] There was no drama, no surprise. Nothing really changed except I think Luke was able to take a breath and be himself a little more around us.

Luke: Actually, I felt a lot better after I did come out to my mom.

I wish I could call Margie and Luke, and tell them, "Congratulations," both for their Amazing Race competition and for the closeness they have as mom and son. I guess this note will have to be my message for them.

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Brittanicals said...

The love of a Mama. I love seeing it. Thanks for sharing this

Did I ever tell you that I have son who identifies as gay/bi? When he came out to me it was really no big thing. For one thing, I kinda like gay folks ;). And, also, its not like I didn't notice his love of nail polish at 2, or his mania for antiques at 5. His favorite show was Antiques Roadshow, and we once had to leave a movie because he wanted to go antiquing. Not to be stereotypical, but, well, there it is. My Jesse.

I was driving at the time, and we were on our way to get him a new shirt. I just asked "Target or the mall?" After four boys, one to go shopping with. :)

I love all my boys, but I feel a special closeness to Jes, because I know that he will face rejection from so many, and I want to work to make it a better world for him. God only help them if they hurt him in front of me.