Monday, May 18, 2009

Purple and white cats, flying, and high school band

There are no links to this post that I can think of, but I have several recurring dreams that I'm going to share...

One: I dream that I'm in a new house, or it could be an old house that I've just moved into. Or it might be a house with an undiscovered barn or shed, or basement. C'mon, go with me now, it's a dream...and in the dream, I have lots of cats. The cats are having kittens - not actually HAVING the kittens, but more litters of all sizes keep showing up. I am trying to find homes and food for the cats, and they are all beautiful! They are PURPLE. Imagine with me the prettiest cats, all purple and white - not tabby, and there is no black on them, just purple, white, and purple/white combinations. Long-hair ones, too. They have soft, perfect coats. There're no sick ones in the bunch, and I love them all. Here's the clincher: I don't even like cats all that much.

Two: My granddaughter, Arya, is 3 years old. The other day as I got to her house, she had just gotten up from her afternoon nap, and she had told her mom (my daughter, Karen), "Mommy, I had a dream and I was flying!" Oh, how happy that made me! Karen says she has never had a "flying dream," and yet, when I have one, I wish I could sleep all day. Flying dreams are the BEST! They say that you either DO have or DON'T have flying dreams, and I think it is special and very cool that Arya had one! One more thing, an odd thing, is that when I'm flying, often I'm in a seated position, and I can fly, fly, fly.

Three: This dream doesn't recur that much, but years ago I would dream that my old [rather evil] band director was asking me to re-join the band. Trouble is that the way I exited the band was that I got kicked out. (Honest it was NOT my fault!) The variations on this dream are that we are in band competitions, and they need ME to come back and fill in a critical spot, help win the contest, or play a special part. Only one change, they are NOT letting me play an instrument. I'm being relegated to hold a FLAG (I never could play french horn very well) and do some convoluted flag-form to bring home the big prize.

Okay - all you dream interpreters. Where do I go with this?


deb said...

You really want me to tell you what they mean? Okay, let's start with the first one ...

You can use universal symbols. You can also think of how they feel to you and what they mean to you.

They sound like good dreams! :)

Brittanicals said...

As for the kitties, maybe its about how you are meeting so many different, diverse, wonderful, colorful people whom you may not have ever met before? Your entire life with all of its changes is your "new house."

As for the flying, there are some people who feel that the spirit can travel while the body is asleep. My dear friend Roger used to say he could do that, and wake up feeling like he had just been on a very long journey. Who knows, maybe you are checking on your loved ones? He used to say that he was checking in on me, and surprising, he often "knew" things that I hadn't told him. I hope desperately that he still does.

Not sure about the flag, but I do think that you are finding your place in the "band," and your voice is being heard. Maybe the band director represents those who wish they could take your voice away.

Not to segue too much, but the flag story reminds me of when we went to a very, very serious church, in which on certain Sundays the flags of various nations were handed out, to be reverently swung while prayers and tongues were invoked to "bring these nations before you, OH God." Someone made a very big mistake in handing on to my little redhead Aaron, four years old, who danced his back and forth singing "shake, shake, shake,oh, shake shake shake, shake your booty."