Monday, May 11, 2009

more of Sam Harris

There is a LOT more to Sam Harris besides the short clip I referenced early this morning. It WAS so early (2 a.m.) that I didn't do any background research, and before I saw him on Tyra, I was unfamiliar with him. Back before there was American Idol, there was Star Search. Turns out that Sam Harris was a huge star in 1983, and I didn't know it. I apologize, Sam. To all the people who know Sam Harris, you are the lucky ones, and I'm just coming into the light.

These days Sam Harris has a vlog (brace yourselves, it seems we bloggers are out of date). Maybe it's going to be like the silent movies that were replaced by "talkies," but they are taking over! Check out Sam's youtube videos, where you can ask him questions and he will reply on, he says, any topic.

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