Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don't stand in the way of equal rights

How do I begin? To start, I get irritated. It makes me annoyed, and I'm getting downright mad. It's when people be-little the oppression of gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender issues, and they patronize the battle for rights. Some whine at being called purveyors of hate speech, when that is exactly what is happening. I don't know how to tame my thoughts, but please bear with me as I put forth what I'm thinking. These are serious issues, and when amateur bloggers (of which I confess I am one) and commenters flippantly state that this is not discrimination, I have to blatantly disagree.

I ask this question rhetorically, and it is to those who want to continue to deny other people's rights: How does it make any difference to you in how other people live their lives? And why does it mean that you can stand in the way of THEIR expressions of love? Why is it more important that you, as oppressors, can express commitment, while others cannot receive the same legal status of marriage?

Peterson Toscano wrote an excellent letter, calling out the oppressors
. He expresses so well that as much as one denies it, those who vehemently stand against full rights for ALL individuals, are trampling on the very sons and daughters of God. These gay and lesbian citizens are present in our communities, where they will continue to have influence, like Peterson says here:
In spite of the opposition and the oppression, we will thrive. Transgender people, lesbians, bisexuals, and gays will have our families, our faith, our places in our communities. We will walk hand in hand with our partners without apology and without shame. We will enjoy our sexual lives as a expression of our love and as a conduit of pleasure–pure and simple. We will not go away or heed your flawed and uninformed message.

Since a couple weeks ago, when Rick Warren was invited to the Inauguration, I offered an entry saying that we should pray that churches discontinue the spreading of lies about gay people. I think that the continued discussion has shown that more needs to be said. I want to state clearly that I stand with those who stand for full equality and full inclusion in our Christian churches. If those of us who have been affected by a gay member of our family will stand together, perhaps more will understand.

I repeat once more that NO ONE CHOOSES THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION, AND NO ONE CHANGES IT. So please, do not stand in the way of those who wish to live their lives with the ones they love. Please don't stand in the way of others in whose shoes you do not walk, and do not continue to make statements about their lives that you don't even try to understand.

p.s. You know who I'm talking to.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath. Those of us that have successfully left the gay lifestyle and no longer live "there" are not listening to your words of hate!

Carol said...

To Anonymous: I assume that by "left the gay lifestyle," you mean that you have stopped harmful aspects and behaviors. I hope you have not married a straight person in your profession of the "straight lifestyle." Best regards, Carol