Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Amazing Race! Mel White and Mike White - starting Feb. 15, 2008

Mel White is one of my heroes. His book, "Stranger at the Gate," began to affect my way of viewing gay people, way back in January, 2005. Because he shared his life through this book, I began to realize that people could be gay and Christian. Mel founded an organization called Soulforce, which works for the rights and the acceptance of gay and lesbian people. Mel White helped me, and I love and admire him for that.

Today I got an exciting update from Soulforce! Mel and his son, Mike White, are going to be contestants on The Amazing Race, which is one of my favorite TV shows! Mike wrote the movie, "School of Rock," and he played the character, Ned Schneebly. How cool that they are going to team up for The Amazing Race!

This is what I copied from SOULFORCE:

We are thrilled to announce that our founder, the Rev. Dr. Mel White, will compete in the 14th addition of the CBS program, The Amazing Race!

Video of Mel White and his son, Mike, on the Amazing RaceMel and his son, Mike, a successful screenwriter whose writing credits include the feature films Nacho Libre and School of Rock, joined together to participate in this once in a lifetime experience -- spanning 40,000 miles and nine countries in just 22 days!

The Amazing Race premiers on CBS on Sunday, February 15, at 8pm ET/PT. Tell your friends and mark your calendars!

Go Team Soulforce!

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deb said...

Wow! What a great way to bring attention to the good work Soulforce does!