Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Listen to your gay family member

"Prayers for Bobby,"
- the trailer just made me cry. As families all across this country experience someone they know being gay, we all know that it often brings division because of long-held church beliefs.

describes the the role played by Sigourney Weaver:

In her first telepic role, Weaver will star as Mary Griffith, a devout Christian who winds up becoming an advocate for gay and lesbian youths after her son is driven into a deep depression by his family's disapproval and attempts to "cure" him of his sexual orientation.

"Prayers for Bobby," is made from the book, published in 1995, and tells a true story. It recounts a mother's journey before and after her gay son commits suicide, because he is gay and feels there is no hope. Bobby died many years ago, back in the 80s, and still families refuse to listen.

I ask myself why people won't listen, won't pay attention to the first person accounts of the gay/lesbian young people who are trying to tell their parents they are gay and that they cannot be straight. With all the pain in the telling, and with so much loss for the Griffith family, it is my hope that watchers will see something to help them understand.

"Prayers for Bobby," premiers Saturday January 24th 9pm/8c, Only On Lifetime Television


Rob said...

I can barely watch the Trailor without crying, I know I will need allot of tissues Sat.

deb said...

I tried to watch, but it won't play on my computer.