Friday, January 2, 2009

Lighten up

I gotta get this blog on a lighter note! The blog-posts are seeming way too heavy, and I'm a pretty upbeat person! I got a note from an anonymous wife today, and I tried very hard to not respond like I was opposing her. Her comments and mine are here: (see no debates, comments).

To let you all know, I am NOT constantly depressed (just a little, or, maybe more, sometimes). I have fun, I do what I want to do, and I say what I want to say just about whenever I want to! I make my own mistakes. I intend to bring hope to others, and it means a lot to me that I encourage people that they are loved and ACCEPTED by God. I want to be someone who shows this - because it's through people that God shines through.

This past weekend our son, Phil, married his fiancee', Emily. This was the fourth wedding in our family, and until now it was our girls who got married. With those events it is the bride and her mom (ME!) who do most of the planning, along with other gracious family members. This event was way less stressful, and that is thanks to the wonderful planning or Emily's mom and dad, and all the wonderful community friends that they supported them. It was two days of joy, and I had a great time, made wonderful memories, and I'm so glad it was shared by all of us.
More to the point - I'm doing okay and here are some pictures from a very happy time.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your son and his new bride. May they have many happy years together.

angie said...

Thanks for being so real, Carol. Your honesty is appreciated. As for the way you responded to the anonymous person who commented....Wow. My initial reaction would be to lash out, but you responded with grace. I guess that just speaks to where we are in our journeys. Thank you.

emily said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Sounds like a good reason to celebrate to me!